Our Leather

full grain cowhide leather venture weekender bag

We only use full grain or top grain leathers. This is what we mean by "premium leather goods".

A leather hide is thick. The fibers on the surface of the hide are horizontal and are locked together which make for an incredibly durable product. As you go deeper into the hide the fibers become vertical as you can see in the picture to the left.

For leather goods, the hide is split into two pieces because the hide is thick. And Ugandan cows produce hides that thicker on average. Sometimes they can be split twice. The bottom portion is called "genuine leather". This is real leather but is of lesser quality as it is not durable. 

Full grain leather has the natural marks and blemishes of the animal and allows for each hide to be unique. For leathers that we want a consistent look, a slight sanding is done to the leather to make it uniform. This "Top Grain" leather has the strength of full grain leather but not the markings.

Our Venture products are made with the highest quality materials and we will never use genuine leather. Ever. We pride ourselves in our sourcing to offer you the most consistent, yet affordable, premium leather goods.

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