Affiliate Program

Want To Join The Venture Team??

Become an Affiliate and take an active part in challenging the status quo in what it means to "help" others. Be part of the vision and journey with us. Oh and earn some cash in the process :)

 Here are a few details:

  • You will earn 10% on any sales through your network
  • We will set up a personal discount code of 15% off you can share with friends and family
  • 30% off any Venture products
  • Direct support from the Venture Team
  • Advanced notice on exclusive deals
  • Opportunities to host a "Venture" party

Who are we looking for?

At Venture we want to connect with individuals who are passionate about the issues the global poor deal with on a daily basis but who also have a commitment to learn about the complexities of poverty. Eradicating poverty isn't as simple as many "impact" brands make it out to be so we want people who have passion but who are also eager to equip themselves with knowledge to truly make a difference in the world.

To apply simply email our founder and include a brief description on why you want to become an affiliate with us. We will promptly follow up with you!