BELIEF - Why Leather

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Geoffrey came into our factory a year ago with belts and other leather items he had handcrafted start to finish. And by start I don’t mean from a big piece of leather. I mean from the hide of a cow! Geoffrey spends over a month doing the tanning process by hand. He gets hides that small scale herders are unable to sell, uses organic matter like tree bark to tan the hides, and puts them in large plastic containers that others have discarded. Out of this “waste” Geoffrey uses the only thing he has to offer, his labor, to make wonderful artisan leather goods.

It is meeting people like Geoffrey that we really began to see the vision of Venture take form. In stores today you don’t seem products from Africa but with people like Geoffrey we know it can be done. Believing in the unreasonable is the path to make anything possible. People like Geoffrey are created just like you and I which is why our unwavering belief in making quality products out of Uganda will not fade. We hope to exist as a statement of our belief in everyone.

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